M.Phil - Commerce

1. After doing M.Com. if you start to do M.Phil in commerce, then with you will become specialize on specific subject of commerce.

2. M.Phil degree provides you the way to become lecturer in commerce.

3. M.phil means master of philosophy. If you live in your own philosophy, then you should do M.phil.

4. From earning point of view, this degree will not be much benefited. But if you have to do PHD in commerce, then it will surely support to you.

5. M.Phil degree gives you the knowledge about how to write good contents of commerce subject.

6. M.Phil will be helpful to become more sincere in self study.

7. M.phil in commerce shows your confidence on a particular topic.

8. M.Phil in Commerce second highest degree in commerce.

9. M.Phil in Commerce increases your concentration.

10. M.Phil degree means one more qualification in your resume.



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