The management has excellent transport service student from Tenkasi , Senkottai , Alangulam , Pavoorchatram , Kadayanallur, Puliankudi, Panpoli, Surandai, Virasigamani, Sernthamaram, Kadayam and surrounding area can make use of our college bus service. This would help the student to save their time and concentrate and studies.


Library in the fertile, source of information to the student. The library is embellished with a good number of volumes of books, journals, periodicals ,technical magazines and e-journals. The library is kept open in all working days and also during valuation it add.


The laboratory facilities to equip student skills our lab has more than 50 terminal that helps students to acquire knowledge and improve students talents. We have five printers for printing purpose. Staff members are good encouraging features for the enlistment s of the students.

Hostel facilities

* Good ventilation , lighting and ceiling fans in rooms.

* Individual study facilities (tables, chair, self).

* Newspaper, periodicals and reading space.

* Telephone facility.

* Mineral water for drinking.

* Hygienic and wealthy food.

* Twenty four hours water supply.

* Hygienic and clean bath rooms and toilets.

* Separate space for washing.

* Medical facility/First aid.



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